may, 2019

16may(may 16)7:00 am18(may 18)12:00 pmCN&N Conference Oakland CA, US: Nature vs Goliath: Getting to the Other side of the Technology Eclipse


16 (Thursday) 7:00 am - 18 (Saturday) 12:00 pm


Children and Nature Network International Conference



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The effect of screen-based technologies on children’s cognitive, social and emotional health used to be the elephant in the room.  Now it is a Goliath. Everyone knows about it; yet the giant prevails. Despite ever-mounting clear scientific evidence that play in nature is a fundamental developmental need, technology continues to be disproportionately promoted as beneficial for children. It is no longer enough to steer children back to nature-based play, parenting and education. We need a counter attack of knowledge. This session will be exactly that: based upon the goals, concerns and interests of attendees Dr. Mari Swingle will take a tour from the clinical trenches debunking many of the arguments / red-herrings of the tech for kids movement.  This will be an interactive session (top down & bottom up). It may include how and why i-tech hijacks and alters brain development (e.g., basic brain function, arousal & vestibular system); what specific emotional and cognitive skills (e.g., self-soothing, reading emotions and facial expressions) are being permanently lost when children no longer interact in real/natural environments alone or with others.  Participants will leave armed not just with pro-nature projects but with counter arguments for those that seek to stall them.

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