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For general and clinical inquires, or to book Dr. Mari Swingle for a Clinical Counselling Appointment, Neurotherapy / EEG Assessment or treatment,  Media or Speaking Event, please fill in the contact adjacent contact form or contact Swingle Clinic directly at 604-608-0444.  https://swingleclinic.com/

A Twenty Year History of family Business 1997-2o17 and 2020 forward:

Peak Learning & The Swingle Clinic

The Swingle Clinic was a retirement project of Dr. Swingle Senior (AKA dad).  He was retiring from McLean Hospital; a lecturing position at Harvard University in Boston, and a full professorship at Ottawa University.  His thought was to move out West with my mother (a practicing artist) and have a small practice one or two days a week (so that lazing around on a boat in later years would not become too intellectually stagnating).  A pretty balanced view of retirement we all thought.

At the time I had just finished my 1st MA and was climbing the professional ladder working in teaching, curriculum development, as well as dabbling in management at local colleges –but not feeling too happy with either the pace, or politics, of my emergent career.  I was musing with the idea of going into business on my own.

So, as family often does, we aligned:  I opened an educational service then called Peak Learning and my father his private practice.

We were in two tiny side by side offices in an old historical building in Yaletown (now long since torn down for a great tower).  Well the rest is history:  Within 5 years we fully assimilated the two businesses and grew to bursting. We soon had a full clinical staff working 6 days a week and covering half of the 6th floor of the current location on Melville St. downtown Vancouver, Canada.

At the time we were the largest and arguably one of the most advanced private  Neurotherapy practice in North America –long before Neurotherapy was on clinical radar.  During these growth years, I also went back to school. –Fully crossing over from educational work to clinical work. I obtained my Certification in Neurotherapy, a second MA in Psychology,… and why not a PhD too!

Now 25+ years later, Neurotherapy has expanded exponentially as too the Swingle Clinic. A few former Swingle Clinic Associates have also happily branched out on their own. I too spread my wings, leaving the Swingle clinic in 2017 to focus more on my research, writing, local & international speaking. With the advent of COVID and Dr. Swingle Senior’s imminent retirement, I returned to the Swingle Clinic in late 2020.   Since then, we have rebranded, boutiqued, and in September 2023 we moved to our fresh new premises at 280 – 1090 West Georgia St. where we work with a wide array of clients. https://swingleclinic.com/what-we-treat/

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