COVID, Mental Health and Interactive Screen Use, Complement or Override: Mitigating the effects of (i)technology overflow in times of COVID

As early as the late 1990’s the relative negative to positive influence of our i-tech was a primary conundrum as scholars started to examine the emergence of pathological usage patterns …

In BC Psychologist, Winter, 2021

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The ‘Science’ and ‘Research’ of Screen Based Technologies: Helping Concerned Parents Navigate Psychological Health and Wellness the Digital Age

In addition to my own, there are numerous earlier books written for the educated layperson calling on the need for caution as it applies to unmitigated usage of screen based technologies (phones, pad/pods, laptops, computers and consols) …

In BC Psychologist, Fall, 2016

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Gaming Addiction

At the turn of the last century, maladaptive gaming practice was typically associated with solitary console gaming predominantly involving male children. It was rarely on the clinical radar as a cause or contributor to educational or behavioral difficulties for which psychological services were being sought.

In Biofeedback Magazine: Magazine of The Association for Applied Physiology and Biofeedback

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What is i-technology Really Doing to our Brains?

Many of the social and emotional effects of excessive applicaions of digital media, otherwise known as i-technologies, or simply i-tech, have been duly noted in the popular press and professional journals alike. Associations with depression, anxiety, and the obsessive compulsive spectrum are pervasive,…

In Psychophysiology Today – The E-Magazine for Mind-body Medicine. 2015, Vol 10 (1),5-8. Biofeedback Federation of Europe.

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Beyond the Self in Self-Regulation – Reaching Beyond Technologies: The Importance of Others and Relationships to Individual Well-being

A professional thesis from which a lot of my work stems is that increases in screen time to the exclusion (rather than addition) of face-to-face or heart-to-heart interaction is harmful and may indeed be correlated with increases in clinical depression, anxiety,…

In what appears to be an era of ever increasing individualism, it is easy to lose perspective on the role others play in our health and happiness…

In Biofeedback Magazine 2016 Winter Issue, 43 (4) 158-162.

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